Animals for Adoption at Herkimer County Humane Society







Adoption Fee: $140.00

Adoption fees are considered donations and are not refundable.

(Dogs that have NOT already been spayed or neutered) This fee includes a $60.00 deposit as per NYS Spay/Neuter Law, Section 377-a of Article 26. The total deposit of $60.00 is refundable in full in the animal is altered within 30 days of turning six (6) months old. PLEASE NOTE: This $60.00 fee is the only fee that is refundable when an animal is spay or neutered after leaving the Herkimer County Humane Society. The Herkimer County Humane Society will NOT refund any fees to individuals for spay/neuter that was done after the animal left the Herkimer County Humane Society. PLEASE SEE ADDITIONAL FORM FOR UNALTERED ANIMALS.

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When you adopt an animal from this shelter, you will receive a year's membership to the Humane Society and the fee is half-price for the second adoption.

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